Internet Adventures Vol. 0

Discovering the Internet.

New Alexandria – the (mostly) Decentralized Conscious Library.

Most people have been asked by someone at some point or another, if they had the opportunity to time travel, where would they go or what time period would they most like to visit; I’ve answered for the last decade or more (and with a fair amount of pride) the Library of Alexandria.  It was a mindpalace of ancient times!  It only occured to me just recently, that while the trip to ancient Egypt would be indescribably terrifying and badass, we have something similar today but infinitately larger and with more knowledge than ever before; the internet.  The internet is digital collective conciousness (resistance is futile).  It is constantly growing, shrinking, and stretching. Simply put?  The internet is in a constant state of metamorphesis, or at least it will be soon enough.  What a technologasm, right?

Most institutions of acadmeia today, including some prestigious universities, restrict how you learn, consequently killing any desire for futher education.  Why?  Because it isn’t fun or educational, and hasn’t been for a long time.  After the grades and diploma, most people will never seek higher education outside the federal walls of academia.  It’s a sad reality that has a lot of consequences for our near future and whatever may come after that (for examples and arguably a premonition, see Idiocracy).

In the last year and a half I’ve discovered the School Sucks Project hosted by Brett Veinotte, whom I think is one of the most intelligent, and humble human beings I’ve ever actively listened to on a regular basis.  The podcast encourages critical thinking, non-aggression, and offers perspective for the intellectual mind.  He covers a variety of topics and brings on an ecclectic cast of guests with their own opinions and experiences to share.  It’s fascinating!

Without people like Charles Babbage and Alan Turing, who knows what would have become of computers and the technology inside of them.  We can only imagine and speculate, which is fun! But I think the now and beyond is much more exciting to theorize about. We live in an age of unprecedented technological growth.  I believe we will create a future of abundance through the evolution of modern technology. (Transhumanism, it’s gonna be big.)

Having the internet at your fingertips is fucking amazing.  It is the New Alexandria but so much more complex and beautiful.

With all of that being said, here is what I learned today from the internet.


Internet Adventures!


Kintsugi is a beautiful Japanese art of repairing pottery with lacquer which is normally mixed with gold or silver poweder. I think we all have that favorite object that if broken, a loss would be felt. Personally, my heart breaks everytime a teacup cracks or shatters, but we all value things differently.

Wabi-sabi is seen more as a philosophy in Western societies, but in Japan it’s a fundemental part of their daily lives. Appreciating beauty in the imperfect isn’t easily achieved in a society that demands more and forever.



WHAT IS THIS?! Why have I not seen this until now? Ahh, the internet is filled with little piece of geek gold. Of course I needed to see more, so here is another JUST INCASE you needed further evidence of his epic skill.




You might already know this story, mainly because it’s still on-going, begging the question if we’ve really come so far. Ethically? No. Not at all. Theism has no place in ethics. America, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Isreal, take note.



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