But who will fund the wars?

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/* musings on crypto-anarchy */

I was sitting at a bar in the Lower Haight yesterday; a guy next to me notices the bitcoin pin on my satchel, so we start talking about crypto-currencies for the time of a beer. I describe a bit of what I do, and Mike does the same.  As it turns out, Mike is a network security engineer at a local bank. He says he wishes he could do crypto, but he’s “just” a network engineer. “Bullcrap!” I say! And we start talking about how important it is to have more network engineers involved in crypto projects.

This applies to you too. Whomever you are, reading these words. Whatever your specialty, talent, or interest; you can help build a more peaceful future. You can help today, in very tangible and concrete ways. You can even get paid for taking part in making the world a better place! All it takes, is a little bit of time invested in understanding some of the concepts that make-up peer-to-peer technology; you can then apply these new ideas to whatever it is that you like to do.

Here is the golden nugget, the source of all value associated with blockchain technology: blockchain is a new way to reach agreement with other people.  That’s why there is such a sense of optimism amongst people involved in blockchain projects.

Blockchains can help us coordinate our activities, and what’s truly fantastic about it, is that it does so while:

  1. replacing the traditional role of middle-men and agents;
  2. transparently exposing all rules; and
  3. making it extremely difficult to try to cheat the system.

No scammy agents, complete transparency, and resiliency against cheaters!  Who wouldn’t want a system like that?!?  The scammers and established power-brokers, that’s who.  Next time someone like JP Morgan’s CEO or some CIA-sponsored editorial on the Wall Street Journal declares bitcoin to be dead, or a fraud, ask yourself if these billionaires aren’t the fraudulent parties in the first place.

Once you’ve integrated a little peer-to-peer thinking and experience in your life, you’ll start to realize that this consensus business is pretty powerful. It is powerful because it is the stuff of peace. It is what we try (often quite poorly) to do with COOPs, unions, companies, or governments. Imagine a new way to reach agreement with people, from all around the world, with complete disregard for national borders, economic classes, ethnicity, etc.

That sense of optimism mentioned above, exists because all of us involved in peer-to-peer projects are coming to realize that we are truly changing the world. We are building better alternatives; Alternatives to money, markets, social networks, media platforms, supply chains, and governance systems. Our alternatives are better and that is a very scary fact for the people in charge of the deficient, archaic, and oh so easily corruptible governance system we are currently subjected to.  Do you want to resurrect Ron Paul’s Revolution?  Or do you prefer to occupy Wall Street and fight the 1%? Just help a blockchain project! Every time you do so, chances are that you are building a better alternative to the systems controlled by the super-elite.

My new bar-friend Mike had to go after the 3rd beer. An hour after he had left, I get a text message from him, thanking me for “restoring some of my faith in humanity”.

So do yourself a favor; maybe the biggest favor of all. Go read up on blockchain technology; open your mind and allow yourself to feel the excitement of learning a new skill; you are part of something important and meaningful. You might even find that along the way, you have restored some of your own faith in humanity.


P.S.: I want to help you get started! There probably are not many better places than Andreas Antonopoulos’s video series “Bitcoin for Beginners“.


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